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Membership is open to those who earn an income from being part of an editorial workflow process, encompassing reporters, hyperlocal editors, photographers, writers, sub-editors, page layout artists, and news broadcasters to name just a few.

Membership is in three categories;

(National – £18.50pm)Members working for national media publications.

(Local – £10.50pm)Members working for local media publications, including freelance contributors and internet-based media.

(Under 24’s – £7.50pm)A member, who when joining the union, has not reached their 24th birthday.*

Membership fees are collected monthly on a rolling Direct Debit mandate.

Successful applicants will receive notification of their membership number by email, followed by a ‘welcome pack,’ containing their BAJ membership card, within ten working days.



Apply online HERE

* Membership at the full rate is required after reaching 24 years of age, at either National or Local level.