Contract Photographer

I had been a photographer on contract at a national newspaper for over 15 years when my contract was terminated with one month’s notice. The BAJ was superb with advice and support about my rights and position from the start. After advice from their employment barrister, we formed a case for unfair dismissal and loss of earnings and took it to the employment tribunal court. With Annette from the BAJ guiding me through the process as well as continual advice from the barrister, I was able to prepare all the evidence needed to back up my claim. We presented our case, and with some negotiation, Annette was able to agree on a settlement without going to the tribunal court.

I would highly recommend membership of the BAJ as a professional and efficient organisation. They will go into battle on your behalf against the multi-million-pound organisations who are only interested in the cheapest way of reducing their headcount.

Freelance Writer

Recently, my name, image and one of my books were used, without my permission, as a ‘premium’ to promote the sales of a product with which I had had no previous dealings. I contacted the company myself, and they said they would stop. Naively, I believed them. However, the adverts and mailings continued, and several angry customers approached me as a result. Next, my agent sent several letters and was given the run-around. In desperation, I turned to the British Association of Journalists for help. I was put in touch with their wonderful solicitor, Annette Raitz, who sent a robust letter on my behalf, to the company involved. She explained why their actions were unlawful, why I was due significant compensation and the basis on which this would be calculated. The company mounted a legal defence, which was quickly dismantled by the BAJ. Within a few weeks, I had received an undertaking that my name would not be abused again, along with an acceptable payment as compensation for the damage already done. I cannot thank the BAJ enough. As a freelance writer, working in isolation, it’s good to know that a strong team is on hand to offer advice, support and legal clout on your behalf when it’s needed.

Sub Editor

Being made redundant from my role as a sub-editor on a national newspaper came as a shock, even though I had seen many of my colleagues lose their jobs in the months before me. At first, I thought I could deal with the situation myself but it quickly became clear that I needed someone on my side with expert legal advice to spell out my rights. From the first phone call, the BAJ listened to what I wanted and gave me all the support I needed to challenge the redundancy process. They were extremely thorough and their excellent solicitor, Annette Raitz, was always at the end of a phone call or email to answer any queries I had (and there were many!). With the help of the BAJ’s barristers, we were able to negotiate a better redundancy deal.
I cannot recommend membership of the BAJ highly enough.


Freelance Photographer

I contacted BAJ after a seeing one of my pictures of a car stuck in flood water of which a family had been rescued from, taken by a UAV (drone), was stolen and used on a county council Twitter feed with no agreement/licence in place. I did try to negotiate with them; they totally undervalued my training and expense that went into becoming a UAV pilot to fly in UK airspace, to get this very unusual picture. It was a challenging flight due to the car being under some trees and some distance from dry land. The county council concerned tried many tactics to avoid paying the fee. The BAJ got me the result I wanted, a £500.00 fee for the unauthorised picture used on the council’s Twitter feed. The council didn’t give up easily, though, it took some BAJ legal persuasion to get it paid.

Thanks, BAJ!

Freelance Journalist

I cannot rate the BAJ highly enough for all the help and assistance they gave to me when I was made redundant from a national magazine after eight years. Having been told flat out by my employers that my redundancy payout was non-negotiable, their fantastic solicitor later accompanied me to my consultation meetings and backed my argument for a better deal.

I firmly believe that it was down to BAJ support that they agreed to pay me what I wanted – and what I felt I deserved. I have now gone freelance and there is no doubt that I will continue with my BAJ membership throughout the next step in my journalism career.


Matthew and the BAJ leapt to my rescue when I faced disability discrimination from my employer. Annette, the union solicitor, was kind, supportive and thorough the whole way through and we finally settled out of court at mediation. None of this would have been possible without the BAJ and I will be forever thankful.

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