Alister Gaines

BAJ members can now access high-quality advice on making the most of their pensions, get tax-saving tips and guidance on how to best manage your money if you are made redundant.

We have teamed up with hugely experienced financial planning expert Alister Gaines.

His brief from BAJ is to provide regular, easy to understand guidance that cuts through the jargon so loved by all too many in the financial advice industry.

Alister, 44, is a former senior private banking manager who used to handle the finances of some of Lloyds Bank’s wealthiest clients.

In 2007 he was headhunted to become a director of a new wealth management firm in the North East that enjoyed spectacular growth.

Eighteen months ago, he founded financial planning firm Akrivis Wealth, based on Tyneside.

“For more than 20 years now people living all over the UK have trusted me to look after their money,” said Alister.

“A key issue for me is always being open and honest with people while sorting out their pension and investment needs and not making it seem too complicated.

“Frankly, some financial advisers just leave their clients confused by the complexities of this business.

“Not many in this industry have my level of experience.  I’m a chartered financial planner, which means I’m among the top professionals within my field.  I’m also a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, that’s a real badge of honour.”

Alister will be sharing his financial expertise in a regular column in the BAJ newsletter and will be available to BAJ members seeking private consultations.

“I’m acutely aware of the huge changes and challenges journalists currently face in your industry,” said Alister.

“The over-arching direction of travel is that it’s now up to each and every one of you as individuals to make good financial decisions in your working years and beyond to be sure you are well looked after.

“The erosion of so-called ‘gold plated’ final salary pensions is one key area. So, it’s vital to take responsibility for how your retirement might pan out and I suspect many journalists currently don’t do that.”

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