Join Us

Membership is open to those who earn an income from being part of an editorial workflow process, encompassing reporters, hyperlocal editors, photographers, writers, sub-editors, page layout artists, and news broadcasters to name just a few.

Membership has two categories;

(National – £16.00pm)Members working for national media.

(Freelance – £11.50pm)Members working for local media, including freelance contributors and internet-based media.

Membership fees are collected monthly on a rolling Direct Debit mandate.*

Successful applicants will receive notification of their membership number by email, followed by a ‘welcome pack,’ containing a personalised BAJ membership card, within ten working days.

Apply online HERE

* Failed Direct Debit payments will result in the cancellation of membership and all services without notification. Issued UK Press Cards will become void with the police and should be returned to the BAJ upon request.