UK Press Card

UK Press Card

The BAJ is part of the ‘UK Press Card Authority‘ who issue through Gatekeepers the only UK PRESS CARD formally recognised by all Police forces in the UK and other public bodies. The UK PRESS CARD is an essential ID verifier for journalists and newsgatherers while on assignment. A two year Press Card is available to BAJ members or freelance members of the media who need to identify themselves in public as working members of the press.* – The card carries the issuing gatekeepers logo in the top right-hand corner, with multiple built-in security features that can be quickly verified by the Police and public bodies.

A fee of £20.00 is charged to issue, renew or replace a UK Press Card.

The cost of a two year UK Press Card to freelance (non-members) is £65.00.**


We do not issue UK Press Cards to Vloggers or Bloggers regardless of how many subs or followers you may have.!

* ‘UK Press Cards’ are subject to meeting strict criteria laid down by the UK Press Card Authority that the BAJ must follow for the issue of PRESS ID. Membership of the BAJ does NOT guarantee entitlement. Please allow ten working days for your application to be reviewed, verified and processed. 

** applications for a UK Press Card will only be accepted if accompanied by the following;

  • Proof of identity, e.g. certified copy of a passport, driving licence etc. together with proof of home address.
  • Samples of verifiable published paid journalistic work.
  • Verifiable original signed letter on official headed paper, from the editor or managing editor of a recognised UK national or regional media outlet, certifying that the applicant produces paid work for them regularly. Applicants can not supply letters signed by themselves.
  • A passport style image of yourself.
  • Fake, altered or forged documents shall be considered an attempt to obtain UK PRESS accreditation fraudulently. BAJ will report such attempts to the police and share details with all UK Press Card Gatekeepers.