British Association of Journalists

The British Association of Journalists (BAJ) is a non-political trade union of choice for journalists, both staff and freelances, working within newspapers, magazines, broadcasting and online media. We welcome members who earn an income from being part of an editorial workflow process, encompassing reporters, hyperlocal editors, photographers, writers, sub-editors, page layout artists, news broadcasters and many other varied roles associated with the journalism Industry.


Just some of our membership benefits:

  • Prompt access to specialist in-house legal advice covering all employment issues, including disciplinary, redundancy and discrimination.
  • Unpaid fee/invoice recovery service with Small Claims litigation, County Court Judgement issuing (CCJ) and High Court enforcement orders. 
  • Expert in-house copyright, intellectual property advice and litigation.
  • Exclusive membership access to Journo Resources, including mentoring, training and advice.
  • Representation with employment hearings and support throughout litigation in the court.
  • Press Accreditation through the UK Press Card Scheme

We believe that BAJ is the best value for money union for journalists. We are streamlined, efficient and diligent, having built a reputation for being responsive, caring and professional with a determination to ensure that our member’s rights and individual needs remain protected in our ever-changing and evolving industry.  – Make the BAJ your Union today

The BAJ is proud to be a gatekeeper for the ‘UK Press Card’ scheme. Press Cards are available to both members, non-members and freelance members of the press who need to identify themselves as working journalists while on assignment.*

* ‘UK Press Cards’ are issued subject to meeting strict criteria laid down by the UK Press Card Authority. While the BAJ is a Gatekeeper for the scheme, membership of the BAJ does NOT guarantee entitlement or qualification for the issue of such.